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Steam Mop

The Sienna FLEX Steam Mop is an innovative compact steam cleaning solution that cleans and sanitizes your home by harnessing the natural cleaning power of hot steam vapor. Offering powerful steam cleaning in a small, compact unit with an adjustable height handle and low profile swivel head, this pocket mop makes mopping comfortable and convenient so you can access hard to reach spaces. The FLEX steam mop is steaming and ready to go in a few seconds, and produces superheated steam to kill germs, bacteria, and viruses leaving hard floor surfaces sanitized. The steam stop feature quickly stops the flow of steam when the Flex mop is put in the upright and locked position. The steam resumes when the handle is unlocked, allowing you to clean with confidence. Ideal to use in households with pets, children, and allergy sufferers, the FLEX uses high temperature steam, eliminating the need for chemical cleaners making it safe for the whole family. Leave your floors sanitized and bacteria-free using only superheated steam. FEATURES Adjustable height handle from 39” to 46” is perfect for most people to find a comfortable cleaning position 1500 Watts of Power produces superheated constant steam without pumping Deodorizes, sanitizes, and cleans all sealed hard floors naturally Ideal for use on wood, vinyl, and tile floor surfaces Eliminates germs and bacteria using only steam Includes carpet glider kit, 2 washable high quality microfiber cleaning pads, and filling cup. Sienna brand products were designed and created to improve the lifestyle of consumers by providing efficient environmentally clean and easy to use appliances. Our look is clean, simple, high quality, built to last and does not require maintenance.

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  • POWERFUL STEAM CLEANING IN A COMPACT UNIT: The FLEX Steam Mop offers 1500 watts of power for unsurpassed steam vapor cleaning in a small pocket sized upright design. It is READY TO GO IN SECONDS and does NOT require pumping.
  • DEODORIZES AND SANITIZES ALL SEALED HARD SURFACES: Superheated steam kills germs, bacteria and viruses leaving hardwood, tile, natural stone and laminate sanitized and naturally deodorized.
  • ADJUSTABLE HANDLE HEIGHT (39”-46”): Comfortably adjust your mop to a comfortable cleaning position. The STEAM STOP FEATURE allows you to quickly stop the flow of steam by simply placing the mop handle in an upright, locked position. Unlock the handle and resume mopping. NO PUMPING REQUIRED.
  • ACCESS TIGHT SPACES WITH EASE: Designed with a low profile triangular swivel head, the Sienna FLEX makes mopping under chairs, couches and other furniture painless. Now, you can easily reach those pesky corners, too. Includes 2 high quality WASHABLE MICROFIBER PADS to loosen and remove dirt and grime, a carpet glider kit and filling cup making it the most innovative pocket mop in its class.
  • NO CHEMICAL SOLUTION NEEDED: Child and pet messes wipe away in a few swipes, with NO chemicals, leaving no residue and your floors safe enough to eat off. Quickly remove all pollen, dust and other micro allergens that wreak havoc on adults and children that suffer from allergies using the power of superheated steam.



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