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Home door block anti-theft device 15230

Home door block anti-theft device » 15230

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Home door block anti-theft device

Wireless deployment control, safe and convenient, can be used without construction wiring. Expansion function: The number of detectors can be increased at any time as needed to expand the detection range. Community networking: implement 24-hour manned duty, you can be notified of the police situation in your home as soon as possible. Note: Users are requested to replace the battery in time and pay attention to the surface of the detector to be clean and avoid direct sunlight. On-site monitoring: The high-sensitivity amplified volume allows the police receiver to hear all the sounds on the scene clearly, so that they can make correct judgments. Emergency help: Use the emergency help switch to prevent theft and snatch, and you can also ask for emergency help in case of an accident (sickness, fall, etc.). Equipped with alarm bell: the bell sounded when the alarm is over 120 decibels to play a deterrent effect

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Home door block anti-theft device Details

There is a sensitivity adjustment switch on the side of the door plug alarm. Toggle the switch H button and place it in the door gap. When the door is opened, the pressure sensor will sound an alarm, or if you place the door and window, it will sound as long as you touch the product itself. Sound; the M key and the L key have the same function and effect, which is suitable for the door gap, and then the pressure senses the iron plate when the door opens, and an alarm is issued. 2. When the power switch at the rear of the door plug is turned off, a 120 decibel high-pitched alarm will sound

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