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Pet water holder 11572-037

Pet water holder » 11572-037

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Pet water holder

Don't waste space, no pets get home water over the water overflows golden hill
Keep long hair and pet mouth clean, avoid the owner's trouble.
This product can be changed at random for the size of the kettle.

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Pet water holder Details

  • Usage:This head can be matched on the bottle like Cola or other drinks' bottle, as long as the beverage cap removed, press the head.
  • Portable, when you travel with a dog, as long as with such a head, you can feed the dog any time.
  • According the size about your pet,can select the capacity of different sizes of the bottle.
  • The bottle head is researched for the pet,you do not worry about the bottle will be knocked over by your pet.
  • It can effectively prevent the mosquito or others to pollut the drinking water, and make the dog with a long beard do not wet.


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