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What is Nicer Dicer Fusion
It is a kitchen set for prepping that can help you get several jobs like chopping, slicing and dicing done without any hassle, according to its claims. Nicer Dicer Fusion asserts that now you don’t have to waste your precious time in trying to get the tedious chores of prepping done when it can handle the task for you in a matter of minutes.

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How does Nicer Dicer Fusion work?

You know your prepping tasks involve cutting fruits, veggies or meat into slices and cubes, quarters, eights and at times strips. This can not only be a time consuming exercise but requires you to have several tools like knives, bowls, cutting boards and more. This kitchen set assures you that it can replace all these tools for you and do the job effectively as well. But whether it really lives up to the claim will be decided when we get Nicer Dicer Fusion reviews.


Blader:301SS,420SS                                                                                                                       1Cuttingtop                                                                                           
1 Cutting base                                                                                     
1 Blade insert size 2(6x6mm/12x12mm)       
1 Pin block,samll                                                                                
1 XXL blade insert size 4(24x24mm)                                                  
1 Pin block,large                                                                                      
1 Blade insert size 3(quarters and eighths)                                  
1Cutting stamp                                                                                                                                                                1 Collecting container(capacity:2.5L)                                             
1 Fresh-keeping lid


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